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 For Sale:Blackberry Torch 9800,Nokia N8,HTC HD2,Apple Macbook Air

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For Sale:Blackberry Torch 9800,Nokia N8,HTC HD2,Apple Macbook Air Empty
PostSubject: For Sale:Blackberry Torch 9800,Nokia N8,HTC HD2,Apple Macbook Air   For Sale:Blackberry Torch 9800,Nokia N8,HTC HD2,Apple Macbook Air EmptySat May 28, 2011 8:16 am

Type: Private Limited with share capital
Incorporation Date: 25-03-2009
Status: Active
Tell: +44-702-403-7959.
Email us at : Telecommunicationswwlimited@yahoo. com
Contact Person: Mr. Riocardo Fedenand.

* Your privacy is assured
* Our prices are second to none
* Secure transaction guaranteed
* We ship Monday through Saturday.
* Free shipping on qualified orders
* We offer reasonable discount on bulk purchases
* We ship same day after confirmation of payment.
* We offer a 30 day return policy and a 100% money back guarantee.

Email us at : Telecommunicationswwlimited@yahoo. com
Contact Person: Mr. Riocardo Fedenand.

Apple iPad
Apple iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G 64GB Tablet-----$400
Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 64GB Tablet-------$350
Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 32GB Tablet-------$300
Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G 16GB Tablet-------$250
Apple iPad Wi-Fi 64GB Tablet------------$330
Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB Tablet------------$250
Apple iPad Wi-Fi 16GB Tablet------------$200

Apple iPhone:
Apple iPhone 4G 32GB----$350
Apple iPhone 4G 16GB----$300
Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB---$250
Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB---$200
Apple iPhone 3G 16GB----$180
Apple iPhone 3G 8GB-----$160

Nokia N8-----------$350
Nokia 5235 Comes With Music--$250
Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition--$240
Nokia 6788--$230
Nokia N97 mini--$250
Nokia X6--$240
Nokia X3--$230
Nokia N900--$230
Nokia 5230--$230
Nokia 3208c--$230
Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition--$245
Nokia Mural--$230
Nokia 6760 slide--$220
Nokia 6790 Surge--$230
Nokia 3720 classic--$235
Nokia 5530 XpressMusic--$240
Nokia E72--$240
Nokia N98--$230
Nokia 5730 XpressMusic --$160
Nokia 5330 XpressMusic --$160
Nokia 5030 XpressRadio --$160
Nokia N86 8MP --$205
Nokia E75 --$170
Nokia E55--$165
Nokia N97 -- $210
Nokia N85 -- $180
Nokia N79 Canvas White -- $170
Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte -- $215
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic -- $165
Nokia 3610 fold -- $175
Nokia 7610 Supernova -- $190
Nokia E71 -- $195
Nokia E66 -- $185
Nokia N96 16GB -- $185
Nokia N78 -- $155
Nokia 7900 Crystal Prism -- $165
Nokia N81 8GB -- $175

HTC EVO Shift 4G:--$400
HTC Desire HD--$350
HTC Evo 4G-----$250
HTC Google Nexus One--$230
HTC Smart--$240
HTC HD2--$240
HTC Pure--$240
HTC Tattoo--$240
HTC Touch2--$240
HTC Hero--$235
HTC Ozone--$230
HTC Snap--$200
HTC Magic--$200
HTC Touch Pro2--$190
HTC Touch Diamond2--$190
HTC Dream--$1900
HTC Touch Cruise 09--$200
HTC MAX 4G--$195
HTC Advantage X7510--$200
HTC P3470--$180
HTC Touch Cruise Polaris 3G Smartphone--$195
HTC P6500--$175
HTC Shift--$215
HTC Shift x9500--$200
HTC P4350--$175
HTC TyTN II--$155
HTC P3600i--$205
HTC Touch HD Smartphone--$225
HTC Touch 3G--$225
HTC G1--$225
HTC Touch Viva--$225
HTC S740 Smartphone --$155
HTC Touch PRO -- $155
HTC Touch Diamond--$160

BlackBerry Phone:
Blackberry Torch Slider 9800--$300
BlackBerry Bold 9700--$260
BlackBerry Storm2 9520--$260
BlackBerry Storm2 9550--$260
BlackBerry Curve 8520--$260
BlackBerry Tour 9630--$255
BlackBerry Curve 8900--$230
Blackberry 9000 Bold-- $160
BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220--$205
BlackBerry Pearl 8110-- $155
BlackBerry Storm 9500-- $225
BlackBerry Storm 9530-- $230
BlackBerry Pearl 8120-- $145
Blackberry Curve 8320--$155
BlackBerry 8820--$125
BlackBerry 8830 World Edition--$135
BlackBerry 8800 -- $130
Blackberry Pearl 8100--$130
BlackBerry Curve 8300--$145
BlackBerry Curve 8310--$140

Samsung S Galaxy i9000---$350
Samsung Wave Pro------$300
Samsung B7620 Giorgio Armani--$250
Samsung S3650 Corby--$230
Samsung B3310--$230
Samsung C3212--$235
Samsung S3100--$230
Samsung A887 Solstice--$230
Samsung E2120--$235
Samsung S9110--$230
Samsung T469 Gravity 2--$225
Samsung T559 Comeback--$220
Samsung T749 Highlight--$230
Samsung S5600v Blade--$240
Samsung S6700--$220
Samsung C5510--$240
Samsung M2510--$240
Samsung M2310--$235
Samsung S8000 Jet--$235
Samsung I8000 Omnia II--$240
Samsung B7610 OmniaPRO--$240
Samsung B7320 OmniaPRO--$240
Samsung B7300 OmniaLITE--$240
Samsung M8910 Pixon12--$240
Samsung E1107 Crest Solar--$235
Samsung M8910 Pixon12--$210
Samsung i637 Jack--$205
Samsung Impression-- $185
Samsung Propel Pro--$185
Samsung B2100 Xplorer--$185
Samsung S5230--$185
Samsung S5600--$185
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD--$220
Samsung S8300 UltraTOUCH--$220
Samsung Z710--$115
Samsung P900--$185
Samsung P310--$135
Samsung i600--$140
Samsung i617 BlackJack II--$145
Samsung F500--$145
Samsung F300--$135
Samsung U600--$135
Samsung F700 Smartphone--$190
Samsung F330--$120
Samsung i450 3G--$135
Samsung Giorgio Armani P520--$160
Samsung B2700--$135
Samsung F268--$180
Samsung D980--$180
Samsung B510--$180
Samsung i8510 INNOV8--$200
Samsung i740--$190
Samsung U800 Soul b--$145
Samsung i900 Omnia--$185
Samsung U900 Soul--$190
Samsung Steel--$155
Samsung SGH-F480--$185
Samsung G810 Smartphone--$185
Samsung A827 Access--$120
Samsung F400--$140
Samsung M3200 Beat s--$205
Samsung M7500 Emporio Armani--$230
Samsung M8800 Pixon--$200
Samsung S3600--$205
Samsung F270 Beat--$185

Sony Ericsson:
Sony Ericsson XPERIA Pureness--$260
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10--$260
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2--$250
Sony Ericsson Satio (Idou)--$220
Sony Ericsson Idou--$220
Sony Ericsson C510--$190
Sony Ericsson W508--$185
Sony Ericsson W705--$190
Sony Ericsson W715--$205
Sony Ericsson G705--$200
Sony Ericsson W705--$200
Sony Ericsson C905--$210
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1--$200

Apple IPod 32GB Newest!---------$280
Apple iPod 30GB (Video) New!--$250
Apple iPod 60GB (Video) New!--$230
Apple iPod Nano 2GB New!--$90
Apple iPod Nano 4GB New!--$100
Apple iPod Shuffle 512 MB--$80
Apple iPod Shuffle 1 GB--$95
Apple iPod Mini 4 GB--$80
Apple iPod Mini 6 GB--$110
Apple iPod Photo 30 GB--$190
Apple iPod U2 SE 20 GB--$180
Apple iPod Photo 60 GB--$160
Apple iPod 20 GB--$100
Apple ipod 80 GB--$130

Xbox 360 Core System---$170
Xbox 360 Prenium pack--$190
Xbox 360 Platinum Bundle Console---$200

Nintendo DS Lite NDSL Game Console (Pink)----$130
Nintendo DS Lite Black (US---$130
Nintendo DS Lite Enamel Navy (HK)---$130
Nintendo Wii Game Console (White (Japan Version )--$160
Nintendo Wii (Jap) (Downgrade version)---$160
Nintendo Wii Game Console (White (US Version Wii sport included)--$180

Playstation 3 60GB---$170
Playstation 3 80GB---$190
Playstation 3 40GB---$150

Canon ixus i zoom digital camera (jet black)-$700
Canon ixus i zoom digital camera (Sahara)----$460
Nikon D2X, 12.4 Megapixel, Digital SLR Camera----550
Nikon D2Hs, 4.1 Megapixel, High Speed, SLR Digital Camera--$620
Nikoa D200 Digital Camera--------------$700usd
Nikon D300 12.3 MP Digital Camera with 18-135mm Lens-------$850
Nikon d2x digital camera (body only)---------$310
Olympus fe-100 digital camera----------------$400
CANON EOS-1D Mark II-N 8 Megapixel Digital---$950usd
Canon EOS-5D Digital , 12.8 Megapixels-------$700usd
Canon XH A1 1.67MP 3CCD Camcorder with 20x Optical Zoom----$720
Canon XL2 3CCD MiniDV Camcorder w/20x Optical Zoom---------$850
Canon XL1 Digital Camcorder Kit--------------$800usd
Canon EOS 1D Mark II N 8.2MP Digital SLR Camera------------$1,250
Canon Camera Kit 1234B002--------------------$720usd
Canon EOS 30D Digital SLR Camera & Canon-----$650usd

Apple Macbook Air--------$600
Apple MacBook (MA700LL/A) Mac Notebook--------$500
Apple MacBook Pro (MA611LL/A) Notebook-------$500
Apple MacBook (MA254LL/A) Mac Notebook-------$450
Apple iBook G3 (M7698LL/A) Mac Notebook------$400
Apple MacBook Pro (MA600LLA) Notebook--------$500
Apple MacBook Pro (MA610LL/A) Notebook-------$450
Apple Macbook Pro (885909119400) Notebook----$445

Email us at : Telecommunicationswwlimited@yahoo. com
Contact Person: Mr. Riocardo Fedenand.
Tell: +44-702-403-7959.

(Your Order inquiry will be treated specially/immediately with 24hours.)

All products are 100% tested and all brands new and all in perfect working

conditions. We send out products via reputable courier companies and delivery is at your doorstep 2 days after shipment (maximum).

Our Return Policy: We offer 30 Days Money/Package to all New/Old Customers if they do not like what our international courier service deliver to their doorstep.
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For Sale:Blackberry Torch 9800,Nokia N8,HTC HD2,Apple Macbook Air
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